home again

last night i finished the popcorn cuff of the first sleeve of surface. whee! today is the big drive back to toronto. upon arrival, i'll be heading to the dentist to find out what the hell happened to my head (youch) and tomorrow i'm headed to a specialist doc and then for some physio. what an exciting life i lead! tonight though i will be doing something extracurricular - having a couple of neighbours (or just one neighbour? we'll see i guess) over for knitting. i'm tempted to bring my popcorn along, but i think i'll leave it in almonte, and make it a thoroughly almonte/hospital-knitted creation. not sure if it began that way, but it's never too late to start.

instead, i might see if i can get some of my new briggs & little wound into balls and get going on that. hmm, i should probably ask amy if she can bring her swift.

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