it is super cold here - definitely had the muff in action yesterday! yikes. there's nothing like cold weather though to make me break out the knitting, especially in warm warm wool. i got mild heck this week for sending the bambino to school with a stranglable scarf, so i knit him a little neckwarmer to keep him both cosy and out of trouble. it's a supereasy superfast stashbuster - half a skein of leftover worsted and a day later, we have this:

whee!! i cast on 64 sts using a long-tail cast on for stretchiness, joined in the round on dpns, then did a k1 p1 rib for 16 rows. then i went raglan, placing markers every 20/12/20/12 sts, and inc 1 on either side of each marker (i did some short-row shaping at the back as well), then bind off over the shoulders and knit in rib back-and-forth for a few extra rows at the front and back. i hope it fits!!

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