and on it goes...

i am back at home at the moment, enjoying sleeping in my own bed, a bakery a 2-minute walk away, friends nearby and of course my wonderful husband and son most of all. it's been a busy trip - thursday we had a parents' group meeting right after my 5-hour drive, friday i had physio and then h had an audiogram, and then we had a friend over in the evening. today is for relaxation - and taking down the christmas tree, and going to see a friend's play. then the big drive tomorrow, and then back to almonte to variously run a bunch of errands, pack, and just sit.

h has developed an obsession with the wizard of oz, so there will no doubt be some oz-themed projects on the horizon. for now though, i am plugging away at surface, which is going pleasantly quickly so far despite the fact that all i've been doing is boring stockinette on small needles. i love working with the briggs & little - so nice and springy! and so much yardage! i'm almost done the back and not nearly finished the first skein of sport. yay! stitch definition is slim to non-existent though - which i'm fine with for this project, but if i was doing fancy cables or something it's not the yarn i'd choose.

and, i'm taking on my first ever project as a test knitter! details are secret for now, but it's something by kristineknits/carpe fiber for a baby (so should knit up quick!) and here's the yarn:

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