more argh

back home in toronto and sherwood is almost finished - just have to do the neck, seam & block! whee! but my 6mm dpns are still mixed up with my wreath project, which i can't seem to find... my lovely husband did a little reno job while h & i were away and i am thrilled beyond belief, but i think my knitting might have gotten tidied up out of harm's way somewhere...

anyway, here is a crappy photo of the almost-done sweater:


oh boy.

totally forgot to bring the wreath with me to mum's, so that is not getting done. i did, however, bring along the sherwood sweater i've been plugging away at for h for the better part of a year. i've done the front & back and am just finishing up the first sleeve, and i thought i'd have a look at the pattern to make sure it's the right length (h is asleep) and... i'm doing it wrong. the pattern repeats with a half-step in the original and a full step in mine. whoops! at least i was wrong consistently from the beginning... ah well.

i'm liking the construction at any rate. i changed it from circs to straights because i prefer them (yes, really!), but i like the 3-needle-bind-off shoulder join, and i like starting the set-in sleeve by picking up stitches along the armscye and knitting down. and the tricky purl-behind-knit that i figured out for the earl-grey socks is coming in very handy on these cables.

even if i am completely wrong, i still like it. except that of course i am certain to run out of yarn. might start haunting others' stashes for a few extra yards of cascade ecological.

(edited now that i am home again and using a keyboard that will allow me to type the letter "h" without use of a mallet)


xmas creeps ever closer

and the wreath is done! well, not really. it's all knitted, now i just have to felt, shape, and assemble it. i am thinking that might be a good project for this weekend when we go to visit my mum. we always end up taking laundry with us anyway, might as well throw one more thing in the machines! at least i have the satisfaction of knowing that the tedium of set after set of petals is over (7 flowers, each with 4 sets, each with 3 petals = 84). it was getting a little old.