wha happint?

i had a stay-at-home-mum day yesterday as h is sick (booooo) so i did my favourite stay-at-home-mum thing - baking cookies! thing is, they taste okay, but... well they're meant to be snickerdoodles, but they neither snicked nor doodled. instead of being crinkly cinnamon snaps, they are puffy cinnamon domes. which i shall certainly have no trouble polishing off quickly, but... i wanted snickerdoodles! i know i have read thoughts on "proper" snickerdoodles and how they must be made with [insert fat here] but i don't remember which was preferred - crisco? lard? i used butter and i am sad, and normally butter never makes me sad.

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  1. I was just telling Nicky about this book last night! We got a cookie cookbook recently and he was asking me about snickerdoodles.