sexy terrorist gear

there's a completely amazing scene in the 1982 thriller who dares wins that has to be seen to be appreciated. this early role for the always incomparable judy davis (after my brilliant career, but two years before a passage to india catapulted her to international acclaim) styles her as a glamourous-but-dangerous radical, an heiress who is not afraid to kill in the name of peace. when she isn't planning protests and hostage-takings with her underground liberation front "the people's lobby," she's performing a brilliant broadway-type anti-war musical number that brings to mind the 1979 kate bush bbc christmas special (another thing that must be seen to be believed).
anyway she and her undercover secret service lover are heading to the underground lair, where samizdats are churned out on mimeographs and peaceniks train at target shooting.
and glamourous, dangerous judy davis as frankie leith is wearing this:

yes, it appears to be a slouchy mohair handknit with a giant squirrel on the front.

stickin' it to the man! i think i need to chart that.

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