country living

am up visiting my mum in my old hometown today - tomorrow we will drive to the cottage and back for the traditional thanksgiving feast! mum has been baking up a storm. meanwhile, i have been knitting, numbness notwithstanding! young h lost a mitten within minutes of me digging them out for the cold weather (i never sould have let him near mittens without strings), so i decided to knit him a new pair, along wit a new puppy hat, since the puppy hat is his all time favourite! mittens are done (well, i still have to do te string beofre i hand them over) and i am about halfway done the hat. i've been taking manic notes (i think i have perfected the puppy nose this time) and i'm contemplating writing up the pattern and maybe selling it on etsy to raise funds for our parents' group. we'll see. i may need to recruit some test knitters first.

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  1. I'll test knit one. You can sell patterns on Ravelry too.