i'm either crazy or brilliant

probably crazy. not my fault, it's crazy week at work.
anyway, this crazy is xmas-flavoured, which is the best kind.

yes, not only bought, but wrapped. i bought a bunch of cheap xmas fabric and ribbon on sale for half price at fabricland! i hate how much paper gets wasted at xmas, but i also hate gift bags. they're alright, they have their purpose, but i want to unwrap something with a bow, dammit. so i figured out what size rectangles would wrap the most common-sized gifts (books, standard boxes they give you when you buy a shirt or something at the bay), cut my fabric into those sizes, zigzagged the edges, and ironed with spray-starch. voila! even if i get hit by a truck tomorrow, xmas won't be ruined completely, as long as people know to look on my closet shelf.

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