what i did on my summer vacation: day eleven

our last day. it's early as i type this, but it looks like it might be a nice one! this was not the ideal cottage week (due to illness) but i'm still sad to think of getting back to the city. if i have to be sick somewhere, i'd rather be sick here, where there are cardinals and loons and tall trees. i'm not up for swimming, but hopefully we will at least have a chance to soak up some sun on the dock before we go back.
[later the same day...]
it was sunny for a bit, so h and i sat on the dock and watched the lake - lots of boats, and a family of eight ducks! while we were there i picked up a little project that i'd thought of a year ago, but had done nothing with - a little toy boat for h. there was a box of old piano keys in the shed (who knows why?) and i made a frame out of three of them, then used others to make the bottom and keel. a stick found conveniently on the ground became the mast, and in celebration of potty training (woo!) i used an old flannel diaper for the sail. he really likes it! so much, he said "i hug boat!"

the sun came out in the afternoon while h was napping, so tg and i took a break to laze around. then, the massive cleanup. not fun, especially after h awoke and started getting underfoot. then we heard a ruckus of honking down by the water - a flock of 15 geese landed right off the dock! the perfect way to end our week in the country.

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