holy rainstorm

wow. did not make it to tai chi last night. barely made it home in one piece, and i should have ventured out to fetch the baby, but our car seat is in rosary's car... ah well.
meanwhile, ujein is blocking, and will doubtless take ages to dry, in this humidity. poo. but, i'm not likely to be wearing wool for a few weeks yet in any case. i have a new set of socks on the needles, we'll see how that goes.
in other news, the mobile has returned! it is currently charging, so there will be plenty of blurry lo-res pics here soon. and tiff madness continues - running around, prepping for the bravo! microsite, getting excerpts in our player, getting filmmakers in and out of interviews with bravo! and etalk, and general busy-ness. is it really going to be like this for another month?

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