as per usual, i am good at starting projects, or having ideas of projects i want to do, or buying supplies for theoretical projects, but not so much good at actually finishing said projects. and as is also typical of my bursts-of-energy-followed-by-bursts-of-lethargy nature, i am wanting to do a hundred things right now, even though i have a bunch of unfinished projects on the go. and, i've been organizing/cleaning house, and really want to get the piles of ufo/wips under control rather than letting them take over the house as they are currently doing. so it is time to prioritise.
here's my list of stuff-in-progress and not yet started - where to go from here?

hat for baby ellington
kitchen curtains
xmas cards!!
pullover for h
wrap cardigan for me
xmas other stuff (tree skirt, finish embroidery on stockings, wreath?)
knitting needle roll/project bag
curtains for living/dining rooms
squid curling sweater for h
living room slipcovers
cottage stuff - curtains, quilt

it pains me to put the cottage quilt last since it's kind of what i'm most excited about right now, but the other stuff should be done before christmas and we're not likely to be spending a lot of time at the cottage till next spring.

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  1. If it were me I would do one of the quickest projects, maybe the cards?