i've lost my mobile (it's somewhere in the house, i'm sure of it) which means no way to take quick snaps. but! i've just snagged the proper camera to take a few shots of the ujein so all is good. made lots of progress on it last night when a couple of fellow knitters (amylovesred and ebk1979) came over for a wee knitting bee last night. it is so nice to have knitters in the neighbourhood! although i did not intend to stay up till after 11:30 - whoops.
this pattern is great - knits up so quickly! i'm sure seaming will be a chore, but right now i'm happy. and so glad to have found it on ravelry. the picture in the book is decidedly unimpressive - it looks droopy instead of structured, and shows off too much of the model's own droopiness so to speak. not so appealing. everything is better in malabrigo, i guess...

the pictures just don't do the colour justice. it's gorgeous.

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