okay, so after coming up with the quilt idea, i went to town a bit. i'm a bit excited (and excitable) because i had wanted to replace the nasty old quilt, and i had wanted to commemorate the "old houses" poem somehow, but until now i couldn't quite figure out how to combine the two.
so. i printed out a sheet of paper with nine square on it (why nine? why not? a two-inch square seemed the right size for sketching, and nine fit neatly on the page) and got to work on quilt blocks. i started with a classic traditional schoolhouse block:

sketched one that is loosely based on the cottage itself:

one that's a typical lanark-county farmhouse:

an old barn because i love old barns:

and i did one that kind of looks like our house & our neighbours' together (they're row houses):

and a couple of others loosely based on quilts i saw online (but simplified! i am lazy, and not good at quilting, and most of what i found online was way too complex). but now i am tempted to do all "real houses that i know" instead of random houses, but that might just be crazytalk. we'll see. these sketches are pretty preliminary (as you can no doubt tell by the amount of correc-tape used) so there will no doubt be changes. but i am excited enough about it to have finally started working on doing a decent graphic of the curtains fabric.

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