all hail lord simcoe

monday was simcoe day, aka "civic holiday" aka "august long weekend." i think i really function better when there are only four days in a work-week and three days off.
anyway i took advantage of the gorgeous weather to (in addition to cleaning, tidying, organizing wrapping paper, going out to brunch with erin, going to a puppet show in the park, and doing laundry) take the ol' supermatic out into the backyard for some sunshine sewing.

made a new sheet for h's crib (since i had mammoth scraps left over after making a layette), pyjamas for xmas, and the infamous placemats/napkins.
in other news, this ufo came to me looking for a home - it's a sweater that turned out to be too wide and too short, knit out of very thick wool. a great find for someone willing to frog (i might end up keeping it if i can think of a specific project to use it for - that's my new rule, no more speculative purchasing). any takers?

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