what i did on my summer vacation: day five

we needed to pick up a few things - food, tissues (we've all come down with the flu) - so we took a drive along the glenarm road to hit the farms, and then went into town to fill in the blanks and check out the sally ann. i have been carrying this fabric around with me for ages - it was given to me by my friend gayle, and was just a teensy bit too small to use as a tablecloth, so was languishing in the stash for a while.

finally last month i decided to make placemats and wee cocktail coasters out of it - all i needed was fabric in a corresponding green to use as a backing and also to make coordinating napkins. i've searched along queen street in vain, but no dice. of course i would find the perfect thing in the fenelon falls salvation army! the green is perfect, and the pattern corresponds as well!

when we got back the sun was high so we put wee h down for a nap and went for a dip. it felt really good to be warmed from the inside out by the sun. i have this hat that my mum found at the infamous hub - the perfect big brim but a bit shabby - the silk flower adorning it was completely squashed, and the stitching was coming undone in spots too - so i took my needle and scissors down to the dock and fixed it up a bit.

then it was time for dinner - we got two lovely wee free range chickens from one of the mennonite farms in the area, stuffed them with lemons and garlic, and roasted them along with potatoes with thyme and rosemary fresh from the garden. the beet greens on the side taste lovely with a bit of lemon too. h kept wanting to blow out the candle and sing happy birthday!

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