i'm experimenting with beef ribs because we have a pork-disliker (so weird!) coming for a bbq on friday. i wanted to adapt the braise-and-bbq technique we use for pork, but with different ingredients. googling brought me a number of recipes that were close, but missing something. then i found this recipe that sounded pretty awesome, and started me thinking about mole sauce. then i found this recipe that appealed to me with its relative ease. i also found tons of recipes that involved beer. and then i thought, hey - as long as beer and coffee are involved, why not use mill street coffee porter aka the greatest invention known to man? so i browned my great chunks of organic grass-fed beef braising ribs in a bit of bacon fat, tossed in a roughly chopped onion, some cumin and oregano, two bottles of coffee porter, and one bottle of water. and so far, it smells really, really good. mmmmm.

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