we went up to visit aunt marg and cousin brian on sunday, and in addition to being generally awesome, marg gave me a set of doilies crocheted by my grandmother (they're a little yellowed with age, but i've dealt with such things before) and the most awesome afghan which my grandmother and mother worked on together (although my mother says she doesn't remember it).

i'm trying to think of ways to enjoy the afghan without harming it (some of the joinery bits are worse for the wear) and i think i will back it up with some fabric (for stability) and then use it as a christmas tree skirt - we "need" a christmas tree skirt (i use the quotes because when i mentioned it to tg he smiled that "where did i find such an odd creature" smile of his), and there's something about the only-see-it-once-a-year-ish-ness of the holidays that makes holiday heirlooms that much more special. also, makes them more likely to survive longer - according to the guardian's review of an exhibition on 17th- and 18th-century court dress at Versailles (as good a guide to caring for afghans as anything), textiles have to rest in the dark for one year for every month spent on show. so, christmas tree skirt it is!

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