i think my socks hate me

i was all excited about being a ttc knitter again, imagining getting a row done on the bus and then another on the subway on my way in to work. but when i took my knitting out of my bag this morning i found not one but two needles had gone awol, and spent the bus leg of the journey picking up stitches. oh, and trying to fix a bit where i got a row ahead of myself on the chart. so today, even with commute-knitting-time added, i have so far only got two rows done. wish me luck for the ride up to the boy's school.

meanwhile, scott pilgrim vs the world has been filming in our neighbourhood, blanketing the park in fake snow just as all the trees burst into leaf. whoops. tg is excited, as he is a big geek and it looks like they are sticking close to at least some of the locations in the original comic. i'll be walking past hillcrest park on my way home tonight, maybe there will be some action.

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