also, boo hoo.

i turned the heel on sock #1 a couple of days ago, and thought that there was really a chance i could get these done. i still think i can get them done, i just don't think tg would be able to wear them.

the foot is halfway done, and i thought "i bet i can try this on without dropping any stitches now." so i did. and i discovered that getting it past my own heel was a problem. i think i've been pulling the contrast colour too tightly, because there is no stretch. none. if it won't fit over my foot, it certainly won't fit over his.




despite taking lunch off yesterday to check out the awesome surreal things exhibit at the ago, i feel like i am making progress with the super-secret father's day project... although my tension seems to be changing now that i've got the hang of the pattern and i am no longer worried about things being too big, now i am worried that i will not have two the same. i am telling myself that the tension change will function as "shaping" and make it fit better, but how will i replicate that for part 2? sigh. there is no winning, i'm afraid.


a sighting

we didn't go our planned route home as we were running awfully late. and because we went a different route home, we walked right by tonight's filming location of scott pilgrim vs the world. we watched the snow for a minute, and i got a very poor snap of michael cera (i knew there was someone famous around because there was a pa hovering with a big umbrella... they don't bring out the big umbrella for just anyone). then the bambino started howling, as is his way, and we got out of there before we made any enemies.

see if you can pick out michael cera in this pic:

i think my socks hate me

i was all excited about being a ttc knitter again, imagining getting a row done on the bus and then another on the subway on my way in to work. but when i took my knitting out of my bag this morning i found not one but two needles had gone awol, and spent the bus leg of the journey picking up stitches. oh, and trying to fix a bit where i got a row ahead of myself on the chart. so today, even with commute-knitting-time added, i have so far only got two rows done. wish me luck for the ride up to the boy's school.

meanwhile, scott pilgrim vs the world has been filming in our neighbourhood, blanketing the park in fake snow just as all the trees burst into leaf. whoops. tg is excited, as he is a big geek and it looks like they are sticking close to at least some of the locations in the original comic. i'll be walking past hillcrest park on my way home tonight, maybe there will be some action.



it is very difficult to make any headway on a secret project that i can't work on at home! and i think it's too big anyway. but still i persist. even though i have used half of my allotted time and am not yet 10% done.

meanwhile, while recipient was around preventing me from knitting, i got a lot of cooking done this weekend: two loaves of whole-wheat bread, two kinds of soup (squash-apple and beef-vegetable), and stew for later in the week, and got stuff ready for tonight's dinner of pecan-crusted catfish with cornbread and greens. whee!