april is the cruellest month

so last night i took the super-secret father's day knitting project home with me because i was meeting up at the gem with rosary to discuss our "provisional start-up chapter" of hands & voices, so i thought i could get some knitting done on the sly, and maybe some tips on how to handle the dreaded colourwork.

so i was half-worried that tg would randomly come by and see my super-secret project, and guess what? he did! and guess why? because he'd got a call that my mum is in the hospital, so he walked over with young h to tell me.

i don't think he noticed the knitting, really.

it looks like mum will be okay - it is an inner-ear infection as opposed to a stroke like we had feared - although may have to stay in the hospital for as long as two months. we'll go up on friday to check up on her.

meanwhile, all other craft projects are on hold until i make some headway on the super-secret father's day project. it is not even 5% done, and i've been at it for over a month, and have less than two months to go... i really need to do ten rows a day every day without fail, and i've been doing two or three on weekdays only with a week-long gap or two due to sickness. sigh.



finally finished! months later, but there you are... harry is now the proud owner of a real roy-rogers-style cowboy shirt, embroidery and pearl snaps and all. giddy-up!

he is somewhat less thrilled with the horsey pyjamas though... who knows what lurks in the heart of toddlers.



well, it is official - it was the dreaded norwalk virus (which now goes by the name norovirus) that knocked us all out last week. i still have stomach cramps. yuck.

in other news, the pace of my super-secret father's day gift project creeps on at an incredibly slow rate (there are pics on ravelry for anyone who wants to see - members only so the father in question won't accidentally stumble upon it). thank goodness i gave myself lots of time for this one! remind me never to do colourwork again. ever.



nothing like sickness to get caught up on crafting. the wee one and i are both down with "an enteric illness" (so described by the notice announcing the outbreak) and i'm finding embroidery is comparatively easy to do while semi-reclining or shuffling after a restless baby. i've picked up his roy rogers shirt, and have made a fair amount of progress (with a few pauses to fix the mistakes born of a feeble mind).

here are a few shots of the basted together yoke & body, with curved slash pockets. i'm at a point now though where what's left to do (topstitching, armscye and side seams, attaching collar, front button band and snaps) needs a machine, and i just can't sit at a desk. just typing this is stupefyingly arduous.