all hail george s parker

maybe i should be embarrassed to admit this, but ever since i saw the royal tenenbaums, i wanted that games closet. fortunately regular visits to small town thrift-stores has rendered this almost a possibility - i don't have the closet space to devote to it, but i do have some games.

today we pulled out careers by parker brothers which is, being from 1955, alarmingly sexist. career choices include farming, politics, hollywood, going to sea, uranium prospecting, and a mission to the moon. i was winning when sadly nic had to leave.


seeing stars

the days are getting longer, next week is the return of daylight savings, and both of these factors add up to brightness at bedtime for baby. and the curtain on his window is the one that was there when we moved in - a filthy piece of floral peach nylon. yuck. so today i made a new curtain one that is opaque enough (interlined with quilt batt!) to keep out more light, but a little more fanciful as well - to give him his own bit of night sky to dream about.

i also installed a proper curtain rod - the previous tenants had one made out of cardboard (!!! ? !) but now he's got solid wood.