boo and yay

i finally went to the wychwood barns farmers' market today, and... well they are purists about only having local products, and i wanted veg, and it's february in ontario, so all they had were a few potatoes and cabbages. less than exciting.

they did however have non-food items, such as this:

the stall also had lovely yarn as well - and according to their website (still very much a work-in-progress), there is more to come!



ok in addition to seeing more knitting in the movies lately, it seems there is more knitting behind the scenes as well... in an interview with meryl streep on jonathan ross's film 2009 she discusses how she, amy adams, and other actors conducted an on-set knitting circle while filming doubt; and in her excellent book knit 2 together, tracey ullman discusses how she rediscovered the joys of knitting on the set of a dirty shame. it's not surprising really considering how much time on set is spent waiting, waiting, waiting!


ooh, it's been awhile

have been far to busy this past month - the xmas thing, dinner for six, out-of-town guests, horribly sick, more guests (we've had five sleep over in the last month), a birthday party for baby to which we invited more people than we realised, helping a friend move, hosting refugees of the great blackout, helping a friend with immigration issues, having family over, and again horribly sick. i have managed to make a few little things along the way though - a hat for cousin oliver, a scarf and vest for harry, and thankfully i got a boatload of cooking done last week before being felled by "something viral," so we won't starve. but not a lot of time to do much.

i did however finally get around to seeing lars and the real girl, which i cried through like a baby (i grew up in a small town like that, but there wasn't any rallying-around-the-lonely-nutter that i recall - quite the opposite), and which made me feel a little crafty - lars wears a knitted baby blanket throughout, and church ladies come over and knit and embroider. and in typical synchronistic form, just as i was thinking again about knitting and movies, i stumbled across this list of knitting references in movies. brilliant.