holiday madness day three - finished! or not!

five o'clock - time to tidy up & get baby. i've got all the shelves installed on one side (yay!) but not the other (boo!) fortunately the cutting & installing of shelves is the fun part. quick and easy. here's the done bit:

and here's the day's biggest time-user: the part where i had to shape the wood to fit around the crown moulding:

this old radio is completely non-functional (bought for $5, i intend to replace its innards with innards that function) but works great as a weight.

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  1. The part where the wood conforms to the mouldings makes me want to stand up and applaud. I hope that when the apocalypse comes and we all have to run to the woods together, you're on my building team. We're all going to be OK!