ooh, what happened to me for the entire month of october. busy is what! work is mental busy, due to my beloved coworker leaving me for another job, boo. and, more mediaplayer madness, but now with the bugs all worked out i think? check out denis villeneuve's take on politics if you're not sick of the whole game yet: 120 seconds to get elected

in other news, as you may know, yesterday was hallowe'en. the wee one went on his first trick-or-treat ever, and had no clue what was going on (makes it so much easier for us to steal his candy). the house is now covered in bits of grey fluff, but it's so worth it:

the best bit is little red riding hood, stuffed in his tummy (you know the wolf devoured her in the original story, right?):

she is based on my felted kodama dolls pattern, and knitted out of leftovers. the wolf itself is a pattern i made based on one of his sleepers.

and now that that is over, another christmas is nearly at our throats - this year i am determined to send out cards or die trying. i made up a batch of forty of these tonight:

(no, i don't really know how to play the piano in the background... yet.)

in the original photo i traced, the little one was in the bath, i just added the christmas stuff in around him. the plan was to watch match point (another gratuitous film reference in order to justify calling this "filmcraft") while cutting out the pictures and glueing them on, but somehow our version is dubbed in spanish? something is very wrong with this picture...