oh, wow.

i'm the last one to know as usual, but i just heard that the jim henson company is producing a film version of edward gorey's the doubtful guest, to be directed by brad peyton! so excited to see three favourite people (dead or alive) on one project! yay. here's a clip of some of brad's earlier work to give you a taste.

in other news, i finally got around to installing the zipper in the boy's blue jay cardie, but it is still too hot here for him to wear. if it doesn't get really cold really soon, i'll have to put it straight into storage for the grandchildren.

also, tiff is just starting! whee. i won't likely get to do much with the bambino around, but i am brunching with filmmakers tomorrow, so that's some free food at least. i was offered a ticket to see the women, but like everyone else in the office, i turned it down.

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