where the heck have i been?

hmm, i had been doing pretty well for a while, but then life got in the way. a quick run-down of recent events:

- tg's dad arrived from africa
- tg left on canoe trip
- took baby to sil's house to see mil and fil
- fil invited himself over for dinner, implying that he had discussed it with tg although this was not so
- manic housecleaning
- baby got sick
- paediatrician prescribed steroids because he had fluid in his lungs :(
- moments before fil was due to arrive for dinner, tg returned from canoe trip with an injured foot
- follow-up paediatrician appointment
- manic packing for trip to the lake
- week of relaxation and crafting!!

so now i'm back, with (of course) a half-finished project in my bag - a roy rogers-style cowboy shirt! i'm embroidering the yoke and cuffs prior to putting it together, here are a few pics of what i've done so far:

part of back yoke embroidery
front yoke embroidery
more back yoke, pattern basted, embroidery barely started

also, there was much scrabble: some good, some bad, some just unfair. note lack of vowels:

then i got this:

... and finally, some vowels.


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