i know, what has this got to do with movies? shut up. i promise to not make this blog all babies all the time forever and ever, but meanwhile, look at the wee feller's new quilt and pillow:

of course, he can't have the pillow until he is in a big-boy bed, as he will use it to climb out of the crib (trust me, he will). but please notice how excellent the piping is.


hope springs eternal

maybe an extra round of blocking will help?


the promised photos

here it is, the latest almost-finished project, already too small:

is there any chance i can stretch it out a bit by blocking it?



so no photos yet, but i did a quick try-on last night, and even though i measured the pieces against the baby as i went when i started this project a mere six weeks ago, to make sure it would be big enough... well, it looks like baby is going on a diet so it'll still fit when the weather cools down. grr.



i am using up the last precious minute of my lunch hour to annouce that the bluejay cardigan is finished, thanks to the miracle of ravelry yarn swaps! woo hoo! all that's left is sewing on the front zip, and running in the ends, which should only take about five months.

pics to come tonight!


where the heck have i been?

hmm, i had been doing pretty well for a while, but then life got in the way. a quick run-down of recent events:

- tg's dad arrived from africa
- tg left on canoe trip
- took baby to sil's house to see mil and fil
- fil invited himself over for dinner, implying that he had discussed it with tg although this was not so
- manic housecleaning
- baby got sick
- paediatrician prescribed steroids because he had fluid in his lungs :(
- moments before fil was due to arrive for dinner, tg returned from canoe trip with an injured foot
- follow-up paediatrician appointment
- manic packing for trip to the lake
- week of relaxation and crafting!!

so now i'm back, with (of course) a half-finished project in my bag - a roy rogers-style cowboy shirt! i'm embroidering the yoke and cuffs prior to putting it together, here are a few pics of what i've done so far:

part of back yoke embroidery
front yoke embroidery
more back yoke, pattern basted, embroidery barely started

also, there was much scrabble: some good, some bad, some just unfair. note lack of vowels:

then i got this:

... and finally, some vowels.