someone posted a link to this chart of standard body measurements/sizing on ravelry - it is brilliant! whether you're trying to re-size a pattern you've made or are trying to fill in the blanks in a pattern you've found in a book, it has all the standard sizing measurements you need.

in other news, the in the mood for love sweater is done! i put a craptastic picture on ravelry and will post here as soon as i have a picture that is not embarrassing.


the sewing part

in the home stretch finally! i feel that i must get this one finished asap, for the good of toronto. we've had some really cold weather lately, and i know that as soon as this sweater is ready for me to wear, it will suddenly get too hot for it. so.
here it is with the elements laid out for sewing:

and here's a closer look at a finished bit, and how i've pinned down th i-cord - it's tricky to pin down without everything bunching up, so i've just put the pins through the sweater and not actually through the i-cord:



so last night as i was leaving work, i kept feeling i was forgetting something. it wasn't until i was on the subway that i realised what it was - my knitting! bah.

so here i am at work, on my lunch break, thinking i can finish the endless in the mood for love sweater. i dig in, and discover there is no yarn needle (so i can't finish the blanket-stitch edging) and no regular thread (so i can't sew the finished flowers etc. on the body).

bah! will this never end? at least i am geting the centres for the flowers done...


every time i get close to finishing, things take a little longer

ok... flowers are done, leaves are done, i was ready to sew them on to the in the mood for love sweater and do some chain-stitch for the stems and whatnot, and then i thought - i-cord! so now i've just made a ton of i-cord for stems and swirls, all branching off in different directions and tapering at the ends, and finally all i have to do is sew it all down.

unless i think of another way to make this long-term project even more labour intensive.


almost there! really!

i've been actually getting things done lately, believe it or not. totally inspired by ravelry i am almost done an argyle cardigan for young marmaduke (just in time for the warm weather!), and have found the long-ago in the mood for love sweater, blocked it, and begun the ornamentation phase! sooo excited.
of course, i have no idea what happened to the flowers i started knitting ages ago, or how i made them. so i've knit more, just making them up as i go along. i'll post the pattern later:

here's a sketch of what i'm trying to do, roughly: