so near and yet so far...

for years i have this vague image in my mind of the ideal man: dashing, squinting into the distance, a lovably rascally look to his curling lip, arms folded across his chest as his scarf blows in the wind, pencil moustache...


okay, i have to say i have no love for the stache. except, of course, on clark gable, the sexiest man ever to have lived. well, at least he's near the top of the list.

so when my lovably rascally baby boy started eating his hearing aids regularly, turning him into a dashing aviator seemed the obvious option!

but this would be no average balaclava helmet. this one would have special features for my little guy: mesh over the ears (no point in putting expensive hearing aids on a kid and then covering up the microphones), and a button at the back (out of reach!) to ensure that the hat could be snug enough that he can't take it off, but still put-on-able and get-off-able with a parent's help.

i thought about it how to begin, measured my guy's head, selected my yarn (kroy socks - wooly warm, durable, washable) and began. i should have thought more. the mesha was loosey goosey, the hat was all over the place. i frogged and began again. i got something that looked like it might work, but after a short time on an actual babyhead, got all stretched out of shape and was soon backwards, and the aids were getting chewed once again. then i frogged and ended up working on the wrong sized needles. more frogging.

finally, i thought i had it sorted. i switched to smaller needles for the mesh bits so they weren't so floppy. i ribbed around the hole where his face would go, to have a snug firm edge. finally, it was done! i put it on, and it was snug. really snug. but doable. and maybe it would stretch? or not. i have the perfect hat for a baby the size he was six months ago. yeehaw. so do i frog and start again? or say to hell with it and forget about it until the fall?

meanwhile, i did manage to keep it on his head for one little walk:

the matching mittens he's not so keen on.

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