more brit tv

was getting photos off of my phone, and found this cutie:

dalek onesie

harry's outgrown it already - this photo is a couple of months old! - but he rocked this onesie and a tardis onesie (the classic doctor who good vs. evil), both of which came courtesy of erin's crazy craftiness.


i am not a number... i am a free baby!

okay, here is a much-delayed hallowe'en post. the picture is awful - i took it myself with my mobile. yikes! better photos to come soon, along with a tutorial.

the original, patrick mcgoohan in the prisoner (and yes, i know it's tv rather than a movie, but a film version is in the works):

original number six

and here's the wee one:

number six baby

the jacket is from scratch; i made the pattern based on a little cardigan that fits him well at the moment. i couldn't find plain khakis (why? why?) so these are converted overalls purchased at value village. his shirt is just a onesie, hemmed to make it a pullover. and the badge is a printout of the original penny farthing logo on cardstock, taped down to a button that was kicking around.