summer's over

wow, it has been a really busy time around here, what with the baby taking up all of my waking hours, and tons of trips - how many kids get to travel by car, bus, train, airplane, and canoe, all by the time they're six months old? but we're eager to get back into the swing of things, now that the kiddo is old enough to keep himself entertained crawling around at my feet while i knit and quilt!

i did finish the angora turtleneck that i mentioned in my last post, but unfortunately it was too warm and made the baby all perspirey, and also it sheds a LOT - he ended up with a big lint farm aka choking hazard under his chin! maybe i'll give it a wash and see if that helps with the shedding.

meanwhile, he has already outgrown his totoro hat:

harry outgrows his totoro hat

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