long time no post. sorry about that. who new having a baby was so much work? i guess i should have read the books and done the math more carefully: 10+ feeds a day at 25+ minutes each doesn't leave a lot of time for much else. like eating or sleeping, for example.

however: when we were visiting ottawa last month, i saw a newspaper ad for a sale at the awesome wool-tyme, an opportunity not to be missed. so far, i have a half-finished argyle cardigan for the little one (which has reminded me why i rarely knit patterns - all those little balls of yarn! augh!) and i'm almost done a charcoal-grey angora turtleneck. because angora is such a great fibre for someone to wear who spits up all the time. but it will look so cute with his totoro hat!

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  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    It's amazing you can knit & blog at all. There were days I considered it an accomplishment if I washed my hair!