stupidest thing ever.

have you all read this?

i can't believe how stupid that bank is. long story short: lots of people signed up for the blue moon fibre arts rockin' sock club. So many that blue moon's bank decided that it couldn't be true. surely there are not that many people interested in knitting socks? so they froze blue moon's account and refunded everyone's money. boggling. you can see how such an action would throw a small business into total financial turmoil. idiots!

anyway, blue moon has a new bank now, and is rebuilding their website to incorporate the new bank system. they are magnanimously not revealing the name of evil bank (but if they do, you can be sure i'll post it here so that any small business shopping around for a bank shall be forewarned). but once they're up and running again, i will definitely be buying some yarn from them as a show of support. also because their yarn is lovely.

not joining the sock club, though. i already have enough sock yarn and single completed socks to outfit an army of lepers and amputees. i think i'll get this!

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