"f***ing awesome!"

that's what tg said when i showed him the awesome totoro hat and soot-sprite bootees that i got from loudxmouse for the craftster miyazaki swap! super cool and super cute!!

totoro hat & soot-sprite bootees

can't wait to have a real baby to put in them! in the meantime, they fit my old bear pretty well... mum made "poony" for me when i was an infant, and he's still going strong, waiting for the offspring to try to chew off his ears:

poony wear the totoro hat & soot-sprite bootees

and here's a close-up so you can get a better look at the hat. he's awesome!

poony wearing the totoro hat

whee! i'm so happy! in other good mail news, two of the other things i was waiting for in the mail - both of wish i spent cold hard cash on, so i was getting antsy - also arrived in the mail. we're down to a missing-mail count of only one letter. a good thing too, since i bought some sari yarn on monday, and as i was paypal-ing the seller, i started to think: "am i crazy? my mail never arrives! what the hell am i doing!" but now i am at peace again.

now, off to post pics on craftster...

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  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    First off al I just have to say that your Totoro hat (and doll) are AMAZING. I'm 17 and have been knitting for 11 years and in all my time I've been searching for any Totoro related item I can possibly find. As you probably can tell I'm nowhere near ready to have children and I don't think I have any teddy bear that will perfectly fit this hat or the booties (my stuffed toys are all dogs and donkeys, random I know : ).). I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to adjust the hat pattern somehow to fit an adult head. I know that's a lot to ask, especially coming from some random person you don't know. It would just be the best gift anyone's every given me. Something I've been waiting over a decade for.
    I will be forever in your servitude,
    Thanks for liking Totoro enough to spend time making knitting patterns revolving around him. You are my hero!!!
    much love and appreciation,