i've decided the little green daisy dress is film-related, because i'm thinking i'll give it to the post supervisor of shorts in motion because her wee girl has had a rough go of it in the couple of weeks that she's been around. is that cheating? oh well.

i have five little daisies made so far, two to go. i went looking on knitting pattern central for flower ideas, and this was the closest to what i was looking for. i'll post my final modified flower pattern once i get some pictures up.

but i can tell you one thing - hand-knitting with fingering-weight wool on 2mm needles is reminding me all over again why i got the knitting machine. yikes.


almost finished!

well, it is ages since i have posted, and this isn't film related, but i've almost finished the wee dress/cardigan thingy (based on a nightgown pattern, but of course i had to change some things) that i started ages ago. in my defence we've been very busy with family and of course all i want to do is nap!

without further ado, here is filmcraft's first ever machine-knit project:

daisy dress

daisy dress detail

i have a million ends to run in, and i want to add little daisies where the bodice meets the skirt (and yes i know, the making of flowers is what has stopped me from getting the in the mood for love sweater finished, but i don't care).