knitted totoro pattern!

well, no new photos due to the ongoing tragedy of the camera, but after much futzing, i have finally typed out the first ever filmcraft knitting pattern for the felty totoro toy! it's in pdf format. let me know if i've messed it up somehow, as i'm feeling a bit out of it, to tell the truth (apparently light-headedness and dizziness are common symptoms among preggos - who knew?).


i just realised i left out the most important part - yarn! gauge!! i told you i was feeling out of it... i knitted this guy out of a double strand of white buffalo unspun (which comes in a weird sort of bale of six-stranded raw wool - i split it so i was only using two of the six strands), about the same weight as a heavy worsted yarn, on 9 mm needles (u.s. size 13). i just want to fall asleep right now, will fix the pdf in the morning...

(edit again)

okay, i think i have it fixed... now i'm really going to bed!


  1. Anonymous11.2.08


    Totoro's my favourite Japanese cartoon character and I've always wanted to knit him up. So you can imagine how overjoyed I was to chance upon your posting in crafters.org and to see your pattern posted on your blog. :)))

    I'd love to see how your Totoro looks like. Will you kindly email me its photo once you have resuscitated your digital camera? Thanks!

    Have a wonderful day! And take lots of rest, preggies need lots of that. Plus nutritious diet. Guess you know the age old "formula". :)

    Take care!

  2. merci! hopefully we will get a working camera agin soon...

    funny the first thing i thought when i saw "oh, there's a comment on my blog" was "oh no, what did i mess up?" and sure enough, i left out what kind of yarn and what needles!

    anyway, i think it's fixed now, but do let me know if i've got anything else wrong! i'm off to get "lots of rest" now, with any luck...



  3. Anonymous11.2.08

    YAY! I love Totoro! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I recently showed the movie to my 6 yr old son, & he fell in love with it (of course) so I am going to make this for him. Of course, being a 6 yr old boy he may not want to keep it for fear of his buddies spotting a stuffed doll in his room, so I think he will be happy to share it with his little sister. ;)

  4. Anonymous25.4.08

    Thank you, I was hoping to find a knit Totoro so I wouldn't have to dream up a pattern for myself. My 5 yo daughter adores this movie (and so do I).