i finished totoro's body on sunday night! now i just have to work out the ears and arms and such.

in other news, last night we watched brick, which was awesome. i have always loved film noir dialogue, so it was great to hear it reworked in this setting. one of the friends we watched it with said they found the patter disconcerting at first since it is so unlike how "real teens" would speak - but how many screenwriters successfully use naturalistic dialogue? those who try (woody allen, david mamet) are mocked for their "idiosyncratic" style. in fact, real people do stammer and repeat themselves and say "like" too much and talk over one another. that's the problem with naturalistic dialogue - it can be difficult to listen to. i think most of us would rather shoot ourselves rather than listen to two hours of real teen talk. i get enough realism in real life; when i'm watching a film, i would much prefer to hear something clever and snappy.

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