bon bad

once i've done totoro, i thought i'd make these slippers to take to the hospital in january (yes, i'm getting ahead of myself, be quiet). but, i am ashamed to say, i've never done a three-needle cast-off before. as luck would have it, there are great instructions at yarn magazine! it's a great source for other info, too. check it out:

yarn magazine

meanwhile, another movie recommendation (being pregnant and sitting quietly in a dark room are two activities that go together well): bon cop bad cop.

normally i'm not a fan of the cop/buddy genre, but this one has some clever twists on the old genre. in this case, the odd couple is a french cop (patrick huard) and an english cop (colm feore) - guess which one is the wild child and which one is uptight. a body is found at the québec/ontario border - whose responsibility is it? this dilemma is decided in the most hilariously gruesome manner, which sets the tone of the film to follow. there's a lot of violence (it is a cop flick, after all), but all cleverly done and with humour. i can't remember the last time i laughed that hard at a film (or coughed that hard - i apologize to anyone who had the misfortune to sit near my sick husband and myself!).

yes, that is a body hanging over the edge of the sign

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