if you have the same birthday as i do, don't read this post!

okay, the sewing bag is almost done! all i have to do is hand finish around the handles, and it's set to go in the mail. here's a look at how i'm attaching the handles (which you can see at the right in this pic). first, a lot of basting:

liger tote with basting

i sewed along the outer basting line with my trusty old elna, and the inner line is a guide for where i'll fold the edges under. to make the folding easier, i clipped the edge up to that basting line:

liger tote - basted & clipped

here's how it looks turned inside out. i've already folded the facing and basted that; i think it's easier to see the clipping on the red lining fabric:

liger tote - folded, basted, clipped

i then trimmed the red lining back to the basting line, so that when i folded the ooutside fabric in, it wouldn't be too bulky. here i've got both the outside of the bag and the facing basted in place:

liger tote - basted and ready to add handles

here i've tucked the handle in place to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like:

liger tote - with handle!

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