erin is going to be soooo jealous

guess what i bought today? a knitting machine!! for reals! i am super-excited. unfortunately i shan't be able to bring it home straight away, as i am travelling by bus on this trip (don't ask, the weekend has been a bit of a disaster). but it is tres cool. and i know it must be easy to use because the picture of the lady inside the lid of the case is smiling!

whee!! what a find. it almost makes up for the rest of this weekend.


  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    omg. you've got to let me use it. Now you can make sweaters with Tweety Bird designs in less than 20 minutes!!!

  2. Anonymous11.2.08

    I totally didn't notice the title of your post until I already sent the first comment! Oh well, you are right.

  3. you are too funny!!