busy busy day

seriously. i woke up at five-thirty for unknown reasons, and i've been on the go since then. embroidering for the swap (i might actually post pics later of the work-in-progress, since i don't think the recipient knows she's getting something from me - it's a birthday swap, all surprises - and no one reads this blog other than erin anyway!), blocking the in the mood for love sweater, more constant gardening, some light reupholstery, etc., etc. i'm sure there's stuff i'm forgetting.

now i must run out to pick up supplies and run various errands. busy saturday! but i might get some pics up later, so stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    If you added him to your friends list I bet Alan Frew would read your blog too.


  2. have you added him to your list yet??

  3. Anonymous11.2.08

    jen you are sorely mistaken - i read it too!
    x claire in londinium