i'm done the back of the "in the mood for love" sweater, but that's pretty boring, so instead i've got pictures of a re-con jacket inspired by woody allen's film anything else.

here are a couple of pics from the film - i couldn't find one that shows the jacket very well, but you can see that it's tweed, fitted, with slightly puffed sleeves (just typing the words "puffed sleeves" gives me hives):

anything else

anything else

christina ricci in anything else

so that's the original. here's my version:

tweed jacket - front

i started with a man's tweed jacket in size huge - i think it was a 46 or something - which i bought for $5 at a thrift shop. here's a before and after shot:

tweed jacket - before and after

big change, huh? what i did was remove the sleeves, shift the shoulder seams, re-cut the armscyes, re-cut the princess seams front and back, add another seam to the back on each side, re-cut the front lapels, take in the sleeves, gather the sleeve caps, and re-attach them.

you follow? i did a few sketches to illustrate what i'm talking about, but we're having scanner issues at the moment, so they'll have to wait.

here's a close-up of the back showing the seaming detail:

tweed jacket - back detail

here's a shot of the front, so you can see how much more pronounced the princess seams are around the bust:

tweed jacket - front detail

i think the smartest thing i did was to farm out the button holes. there's a shop on queen at spadina called simply "buttons" i think, and they will do your button holes for you with their lovely industrial machine. it used to be a dollar each, but i think it's gone up to $1.50 (that may be my fault - when i brought this jacket in, the guy said, "wow, that's thick fabric, tough to work with." i said, "that's why i bring it to you!")

eta: tutorial here

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