i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it

i'm working on a cheongsam-style sweater, just making it up as i go along. i've gotten to the part where i want it to look like two separate pieces, without actually being two separate pieces - the diagonal closure that goes from the neckline to under the arm. i'm using knitpicks palette which is fingering weight, so it's so small it's hard to tell what i'm doing. but it seems to be working! check this out:

cheongsam sweater-in-progress

whee!! here's a close up, where you can see that some stitches look doubled-up on the needle - that's because i'm knitting two pieces at the same time:

cheongsam sweater-in-progress detail

just in case you have no idea what it's supposed to end up looking like, here are a couple of pics of cheongsams from in the mood for love, which is an awesome film that you should run out and see. and it was the inspiration for this sweater - all of maggie cheung's dresses are gorgeous:

in the mood for love

in the mood for love

in the mood for love


  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    You are a very talented knitter. I knit also but am a very basic socks, scarfs etc. knitter. I admire your adventure. I enjoy films also but am more of a reader. If you are a visual person there is a wonderful photo guy on this blog site he is from Yarmouth Nova Scotia and his photo's are fabulous check them out. I suggested he do a book of them.

  2. well, for myself i can't do socks, so you have one on me there! actually i knit one sock, a year or two ago, and never got around to making its mate. too tricky for me!