i just figured out something about myself

i was lying in bed knitting and reading the paper (and feeling better until i got up to come downstairs, at which point i started wheezing again, grr). i finished the picot edge for the back of the green in the mood for love sweater, and decided to give my fingers a break and go back to a bulkier on-the-go project, a toy totoro for a knitalong. i knit for a while (using the classic "don't have a plan or pattern, just start knitting" method) and frogged for a while, and then i thought, maybe i'll dig out tg's camera and take some pics of a completed sewing/recon project i did a while ago - a jacket based on on christina ricci wears in anything else.

and then it occurred to me: all of this stuff is film-related. not surprising; i've been a film buff since i was a kid watching "magic shadows" on tv every night.

so: i decided to rename this blog filmcraft. it will be exclusively about film-related craft projects. maybe i will try to knit king kong eventually.


  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    alan frew forever!

  2. A knitted Totoro would be the best. thing. ever.